Traditional Iranian carpet 445 * 140 cm

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Classic Iranian handwoven carpet. Nomadic carpet Woven in Nahavand, Iran. This carpet is woven from natural wool. The material is natural wool, the warp is usually cotton. In this style of carpets, the dominant colors are red and blue.

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  • Size: 445x140cm
  • Warp: cotton
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: traditional

Learn more about Nahavand carpets:

Nomadic Nahavand carpets are one of the most ancient and beautiful handicrafts in Iran. These rugs are made using traditional hand techniques using wool and goat wool. The designs and patterns used in these carpets are mainly based on the motifs of the tribes and the nomadic culture of the Nahavand region.

Nomadic carpets of Nahavand texture have unique features in terms of design and beauty. The designs usually include beautiful, abstract geometrics, flowers, and natural shapes. Among the examples of famous designs in these carpets, we can mention the sunflower design, the bush design, the cookie design, and the four-leaf design.

Natural colors are used in the weaving of Nahavand nomadic carpets, which are obtained from local achievements such as plants and mineral dyes. These colors give the carpets more life and prosperity and maintain good color stability over time.

Nahavand woven nomadic carpets are very popular among handwoven carpet enthusiasts due to their durability, resistance and high quality. In addition to being used inside homes, these carpets are also used to decorate interior, office and commercial spaces. In addition, these carpets are also known as a piece of nomadic art and culture and point to the existence of tribes and their cultural heritage.

Nomadic woven Nahavand carpets, with their unique patterns and designs, are particularly attractive and appreciated by art lovers and experts all over the world. These carpets are a symbol of artistic richness and Iranian nomadic culture and are considered as one of the artistic and historical treasures of Iran.


  • red
  • Old
  • Wool&Cotton Warp