How to consider colors in the interior?

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The psychology of color has a pretty big influence on interior design. Designers try to always choose the right colors according to the function of the room. How colors affect us and what color we should use - psychologists and designers share common recommendations about this:

1. Orange - expands the imagination

This bright color allows you to express your views confidently. Use orange tones if you want to feel more youthful. This is the color of fun and celebration! Boldly use orange to accentuate the living room, workroom, bedroom, or kids' room walls.

2. Blue - promotes productivity

The color blue helps a person make decisions, increases productivity and the effect of work. Use the color blue in the office and library. If you do not want to paint the walls blue, add blue textiles and decorative items to the interior.

3. Green - has a positive effect on a healthy presentation

Green as the main color of nature, the color of the new beginning. With the help of green interior you can discover the hidden talent and the opportunity to realize it. It also has a positive effect on human health.

4. Light purple - enhances spirituality

Light shades of purple will help you to increase your spirituality and give you peace of mind. Violet will create a positive family atmosphere for you and your guests. In a purple living room, as well as in a bedroom, you can boldly use it.

5. Blue - Harmony at home

Blue is said to neutralize tension and disagreement. Light blue will add harmony to the interior as well as family relationships. Blue also increases the feeling of freedom. Boldly use this color in any room.

6. Red - will increase your self-confidence

If you want to increase your self-confidence, use the color red in the interior! Keep in mind, however, that using too much red can cause aggression and irritation. As noted, the color red in the kitchen especially enhances the appetite.

8. Pink - Open your heart to warm emotions!

Pink is associated with positive emotions, love, loyalty, so open your heart to warm emotions and add a pink tone to your interior!

In the reality of Georgia, white interiors are not a common occurrence due to the difficulties associated with maintaining whiteness. However, the white interior is much wider, lighter and brighter, especially if the apartment is small. The white interior has very sharp accents, such as yellow, gold, black, gray colors, fashionable and original accessories and textiles, which as a whole creates a modern look.


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