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Product Specifications

Product category: Iranian handwoven carpet

Product name: Malayer carpet

Materials used in carpet weaving: natural wool

Carpet design and decoration: Traditional and Caucasian motifs

Place of carpet weaving: Iran

Carpet size: 103*64cm

Carpet thickness: 10 mm

Carpet age: 15 years

Warp: cotton

Pile: wool

Wefts: cotton

Number of knots per square centimeter: 19

The number of handmade knots in the whole carpet: 125248 pieces

Time taken to produce this carpet: 25 days

Additional information: These carpets are produced in villages and in small workshops.

This hand-woven carpet is one type of Persian hand-woven carpets, classified within the category of rural carpets. Specifically, it is woven in Malair, which is one of the central regions of Iran known for its rich diversity in the texture of handwoven carpets. Each village in this region produces carpets with its distinct style and design. Some villages produce carpets similar to those found in the central province of Iran, while others exhibit similarities to carpets from Kurdish regions and Caucasian designs.

Ghashghai style rugs are woven by hand, the material is natural wool and cotton as the base and most of the colors are natural. The maximum number of colors is 10, of which red is most often used as the center or frame of the rug. White and blue colors are also characteristic of this style.

The name "Ghashghai" comes from the nomadic Ghashghai tribe of Iran. Located in the southwestern region of the country, the Ghashghai people have a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in the intricate designs and craftsmanship of their carpets. The Ghashghai tribe has been known for weaving carpets for centuries. Their nomadic lifestyle, moving seasonally between the Zagros Mountains and the plains of Iran, influenced their craft, with motifs often inspired by nature, animals and tribal symbols.

Ghashghai rugs are made using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Skilled artisans, often tribal women, use a combination of wool and sometimes silk to create these masterpieces, using techniques such as knotting and weaving on vertical threads.

Ghashghai carpets are characterized by their geometric patterns, intricate floral motifs and vibrant colors. Each design has cultural significance, with motifs representing elements of tribal life, beliefs and traditions. These designs are often passed down orally from generation to generation, ensuring the preservation of Ghashghai cultural heritage.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Ghashghai handmade Persian carpets are of significant cultural and economic value. They are appreciated not only in Iran but internationally for their craftsmanship, durability and timeless beauty.

In most cases, the warp and weft of the Malair carpet is entirely cotton and the pile is wool, and it is, basically woven with a thick weft.

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