Difference between Oriental and Persian rugs

by Modi Arti Admin

Many people do not understand the difference between Oriental and Persian rugs, if you are thinking of purchasing a handmade rug you should know how to tell apart machine made and authentic Persian, or Oriental rugs. Especially if you are a rug buyer you may know there are a few things that can give you a hint about a production of a rug. Knowing this you will figure out if a certain rug is Oriental or Persian or not.

Both Oriental and Persian carpets are handmade, the difference between these two terms is that Oriental is a broader definition of handmade rugs, in other words, every rug made in Asia is in fact is Oriental but Persian rugs are made in Iran. Oriental rugs can be Persian, Indian, Turkish, Chinese and etc. Oriental carpets include Persian ones. In conclusion every Persian rug is Oriental, but not every oriental is Persian.

The material for both kind of rugs is silk, wool, and cotton as a warp. The quality of material depends on the area, or city the rug is made in. Environment and weather also the breed of sheep impacts the quality of wool. So The quality can be different for Persian and Oriental rugs.

Persian and Oriental rugs are significantly different in designs and patterns. Usually The style of a rug differs with cities the are being made for example Tabriz rugs, which are very popular and high quality because of the material and design. Kashan is also on of the most pupular styles.

For Oriental Rugs the diversity is much wider. Every Asian country producing rugs has their own style.


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