What colors in Persian rugs represent

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Persian rugs are one of the most valuable works of art, with a very interesting historical and symbolic background. Starting from the color of rug to ornaments, everything has it's meaning and those elements together tell some story. There is a huge diversity in styles of Persian carpets, starting from simple design such as one colored rug or repeated patterns, to complicated and very detailed ornaments, which take months to create, for example in oriental rugs. Besides beautiful plans of rugs colors also have meaning and are symbolic. Some colors have calming and peaceful effect when others can be very energizing and lively. This is the reason why Persian rugs are very popular and valued in the world because Persian people consider every aspect of carpet making.

There are some commonly used colors that have been very popular over the centuries and had defined the character for handmade rugs. For example, Red color is the most frequently used color, because it has a very powerful character. Red is the color of fire, blood, it is not surprising depending on the history of Iran and why people love this color, it is associated with a feeling of passion and vitality, it is a symbol of wealth and well-being. This color is very eye-catching and beautiful. Another reason for its frequent usage is the fact that people are familiar with this color for a long time, it was easy to produce from natural material which is madder root, unlike the color blue which was hard to get.

Blue is a very peaceful color, it brings people a sense of inner peace, it represents loyalty and trust, responsibility, and honesty. It is also a very commonly used color as red, but blue is a more complicated case because of its lack of natural materials. It did not have long-lasting results, but after discovering indigo plant it was possible to get the effect.

Another very popular color is Yellow. It is color if sun, therefore it is a very lively, vibrant color, which brings a feeling of happiness and energy in people. It is considered a color of life, joy of living. Yellow can bring light to dull places, so it is recommended if you want a bright interior. Color is crafted from pomegranates.

Brown is the color of our mother planet, earth. It is a symbol of fertility. Originally it was taken from tree bark and later from walnuts


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